Vendors FAQ

Why should I sell in the Sanskriti Bazaar?

Sanskriti Bazaar is an Indian e-commerce site with 100% charity spending, with maximum online reach with lovers and followers of Indian culture. We have millions of active customers worldwide and soon we are going to start international service very soon.

Who can sell in the Sanskriti Bazaar? And what documents are required to register as a vendor on Sanskriti Bazaar?

Anyone selling new and genuine products (except plastic, leather, and China products) is welcome.

To start selling, you need to do the following:
• PAN Card (Individual PAN for Business Type as “proprietorship” and “Business PAN for Business Type” as “Company”)
• GSTIN (not mandatory for some categories like book sellers and live plants)
• Bank account and KYC supporting documents (address proof and cancelled check)
• Minimum 1 unique product to sell having good quality only.

How do I sell in the Sanskriti Bazaar?

To sell in the Sanskriti Bazaar:
1. Send your product demo pics to
2. After that wait for the review and reply from us.
3. Once we approve or allow you, register yourself at our site as a seller.
4. Upload your products to the site under specific product categories.
5. Once an order is received, pack the product and provide that cart to our Courier Boy for shipped.
6. Once an order has been successfully delivered, Sanskriti Bazaar will settle your payment according to settlement schedule.

Can I upload both products and services on Sanskriti Bazaar?

Right now you can sell products on Sanskriti Bazaar, soon we will provide such facility so that if you are a doctor, teacher or want to work for providing any other service then that too will be possible on SanskritiBazaar.

Who decides the price of products?

As a seller, you will determine the price of your products if it’s your own product; It should not be more than MRP. The more affordable is price and the better the quality, the more we will promote your product on our site.

Do I have to pay for the listing of products on Sanskriti Bazaar?

Uploading of products to Sanskrit is absolutely free. Sanskriti Bazaar does not charge anything for uploading your products online. You are charged a small commission only when your product is sold.

Who takes care of delivery of my products?

For delivery pack your order after you get order and wait for our courier partner to receive your order, we will be rooting you with that service, you will be able to deliver your product in less money and quickly.

When and how do I get paid?

Payment will be made directly to your bank account through NEFT transactions. Sanskriti Bazaar will settle your payments within 3-5 business days after the approval of your withdrawal request.

When can I start selling?

After all the required documents are verified (your verification is complete) and your vendor profile is complete, you can start uploading and selling your products. For that we take a maximum time of 2 days.

How many products must be uploaded to start selling?

You can also start with just one product and the maximum product upload limit has not been set yet, you can apply as many products as you want, you should have the right to sell the products of that company.

I am a seller Can I sell a product on Sanskriti Bazaar?

Yes, if you are a seller, you can connect with Sanskriti Bazaar.

If a product is already available on the Sanskriti Bazaar, can we still upload that product?

Yes, you can sell the already available products on Sanskriti Bazaar. In case of branded product, you should have the rights to sell that product.

I am a producer Can I sell a product on Sanskriti Bazaar?

Yes, if you are a producer and you make your own products, then you can join the Sanskriti Bazaar.
If your product is food stuff, then your product must meet the ‘FSSAI’ standards. Products like food, drink and medicine etc. cannot be sold without packing and without GMP or FSSAI standards.

What cannot be sold on the Sanskriti Bazaar?

  1. Except for products which are used as medicines to save lives, no non-vegetarian product can be sold.
  2. Except products which are used for music, no product made of leather can be sold.
  3. Use of plastic is valid only for the packing of the product, apart from this, only plastic materials cannot be sold.
  4. Chinese products cannot be sold.
  5. Products of open and light quality cannot be sold.
  6. Products that do not have a packing date and expiry date cannot be sold on the Sanskriti Bazaar.
  7. Unsealed product cannot be sold and any duplicate product on Sanskriti Bazaar.
  8. Fabrics made of synthetic yarn cannot be sold.
  9. Steel, aluminium in cooking sector, plastic, non-stick utensils.
  10. Tea leaf items, coffee and ajinomoto.
  11. Selling Intoxication is not allowed.
  12. Goods that are banned by the government.

What can be sold on the Sanskriti Bazaar?

While everything that is useful for life can be sold on the Sanskriti Bazaar, yet as an example:

  1. Edible products like jaggery, sugar, ghee, oil etc.
  2. Products made from Khadi, Cotton, Bamboo Yarn and Wool etc.
  3. Books and Scriptures of any religion.
  4. Ayurvedic Herbs, Ayurvedic medicines for humans and animals etc.
  5. Items of worship such as garlands, conch & religious texts etc.
  6. Yoga accessories, acupressure items etc.
  7. Utensils or products of stone, marble, iron, brass, bronze, clay, mud, cow dung, Mdf or ceramic etc.
  8. Handicrafts such as paintings, sculptures, sewing-embroidery knitting items, clothes reflecting the culture of different cities and countries etc. or hand-made items.
  9. Other Household Items.

How can I get help if technical support is required during the sale on the Sanskriti Bazaar?

You can call your account manager. The number of your account manager is given to you after joining Sanskrit Bazaar as a seller. If you do not know your account manager’s number, then raise a support ticket or mail us

If only hand-made products can be sold on the Sanskriti Bazaar, not machine-made? It is not so, machine-made products can also be sold, but hand-made products are being given more importance so that they can be added to the stream of time.